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Mar 22, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: The One Sentence Summary: On vacation in sunny Spain, Glasgow reporter Rosie Gilmour finds herself covering the kidnapping of a young girl, a case whose implications may be more far-reaching than she realizes. The Meat and Potatoes: Vacationing in Spain after nearly being killed in Glasgow, reporter Rosie Gilmour is asked by her boss to cover the kidnapping of a three-year-old Scottish girl in Costa del Sol.

As usual, Rosie gets the breaks—a young sex worker comes to her with an eyewitness accoun The One Sentence Summary: With the help of her photographer, a Spanish private detective, and her Bosnian friend from Glasgow who saved her life months before, Rosie gets deep into the world of child sex trafficking.

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She follows her leads to Morocco where she hopes to find the missing little girl, the story, or both. To Tell the Truth is a past-tense novel in the third person, written with a shifting point-of-view. Most often we see the story through the eyes of the main character, Rosie Gilmour, but the point-of-view also shifts to other characters at times, including the kidnapper himself.

Both deal with crimes against children, delve into the seamy world of prostitution, have a sex worker as a key informant, and include a parallel political plot. New in this novel though is Javier, a Spanish private detective, who provides the local link to the investigation of which Rosie is an outsider. To Tell the Truth is a complex and well-crafted story. The fact that Smith worked as a journalist for over twenty years is clear in her writing, and these real-life details create a believable main character with a very true voice.

The writing in To Tell the Truth is decent, but not great. A large part of what makes a writer great is the ability to look at the everyday and describe it in a new and refreshing way; not just to tell a story, but to tell it with a bit of poetry. In my opinion, Smith has not yet reached this level. The novel would have benefited if better description of the important events from the previous book were woven into the narrative.

I would recommend To Tell the Truth to readers who enjoy crime stories with complex plots, a bit of political intrigue, and an international slant. In a scene that is hauntingly similar to a news story a few years back, a young girl is snatched from a beach in the Costa del Sol. When Rosie realises the huge news impact she speaks to her boss and she decides to cover it herself.

I really love Rosie and after reading this current one I love her even more. As usual, she likes to get involved irrelevant of the danger and this case is no different.

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Rosie knows from the off that the mother of the missing girl is covering up for what really happened that day, and in addition she is approached by an illegal sex worker with information about the abduction. The pace is full speed pretty much from start to finish and with this book and the last there is a certain frenetic energy about the books which I love.

The only other author who I can think of that has that same kind of pace is Simon Kernick. What I also loved about this book is that although we see Rosie completely absorbed in the case we still see glimpses of her personal life and her real vulnerability. Towards the ending I dismissed dinner, TV and phone calls just to make sure I finished it. I would say in all honesty that her first book held a slight edge for me, probably just in terms of story.

Other than that I loved this book. Absolutely itching to get started on book three and cannot recommend her highly enough. Feb 05, Book Addict Shaun rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the second book in the series featuring Rosie Gilmour but, at the time of writing this review, I hadn't read the first book.

I picked this one up at the library because of the blurb and because of the echoing similarities to a similar kidnapping a few years ago in Portugal in which every single person that heard about it had their own ideas or theories about what had happened. This book picked up the pace extremely fast and reminded me of the books written by Simon Kernick. You turn the p This is the second book in the series featuring Rosie Gilmour but, at the time of writing this review, I hadn't read the first book.

You turn the pages at breakneck speed often missing words out and having to slow down. The chapters are also very short which I always feel adds tension to the book and makes you read quicker because you keep telling yourself 'just one more chapter' however one turns into ten. I immediately took the character of Rosie and thought she was a great creation, and one I really enjoyed reading about.

I will definitely be checking out the first book in the series in the near future. The storyline itself was horrifying but all to realistic given the events of a few years ago. I was abroad myself at the time and it was all the papers and holidaymakers were discussing so this book felt very realistic. Towards the end though the book really picked up speed and I would advise all readers to spare an hour or two when you are near the end of the book because you will absolutely not want to put this book down until you reach the end.

The only thing with not reading the first book first was the author of a second novel always has to backtrack and recap bits of previous books so although I know some of what happened in the first book from reading this I still want to read it. Also I don't think I had that attachment with Rosie that readers from the first book will have because they are more familiar with her. But as I said she is a great character and one I really enjoyed reading about. Apr 26, Lizzie Hayes rated it it was amazing. Journalist Rosie Gilmour is also holidaying in Spain, but a call from her editor Mick Mcguire in Glasgow has her driving to Marbella to cover the story.

But Rosie is not one to let grass grow under her feet she devises a plan to speak with the Lennons.

When she does she becomes cognisant that there is more to the situation than has been reported in the press. How much should she reveal? Rosie has information that puts her on the inside track in more ways than one. As she pursues her story she uncovers so much more than the abduction of Amy Lennon. Soon Rosie is walking a very fine line between keeping her editor happy and pursuing the abductors, for whom human life is cheap. The story moves at a cracking pace as several parties become involved in finding Amy, all have different reasons, but basically all have the same goal.

An exciting climax to the story which ends with winners and losers, but whilst cheering for the winners one might want to shed a tear for some of the losers. An emotional and explosive mystery. Oct 31, Heather rated it really liked it. Aug 10, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: i-liked-it , mixed-feelings , read-for-review , swoon-worthy. I love a good mystery.

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Add in a swoon-worthy royal romance, a conflicted thief, and a dangerous villain, and To Catch a Princess was an enjoyable read that kept me interested until the very end. This book starts off in the thief's POV, a man who wants out of the life he's living and to settle down and start a family.

But the Thief of Hearts, as he's affectionately known as, doesn't know that the man he's stealing for has other hidden agendas besides wanting a precious heirloom back. And he doesn't realize it until it's too late. But, let me back up a little. I'm way ahead of myself here.

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I love a conflicted and tortured "bad guy" as much as anyone. I have to say, I kind of liked him near the end.

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But he's not one of the main characters. The star players in this romantic mystery are a prince and a princess. I'd tell you both their names but they're too long, and I can't even pronounce them correctly. Tatiana's parents made a deal with the Grand Duke a long time ago. It was a marriage arrangement between their two children. It was only put in place until Alexander, Tatiana's brother, found a wife and started a family.

But now her parents are pushing her to marry a man she doesn't even know. And the Grand Duke wants to see his son married and having his grandchildren before he dies. But this barbaric, old-fashioned tradition doesn't sit well with either of the two parties being forced to accept it. Neither of them have time to think of it, as they are both busy with their lives.

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When Peter, a detective who's been good friends with the Ivanovs for many years, discovers that the infamous Thief of Hearts is planning to steal precious jewelry at Tatiana's charity fashion event, he decides to go with her to Monaco and stick close to her side in the case that this isn't a straight-forward theft. What Tatiana doesn't know is that Peter is really Pyotr Romanovich, son of the Grand Duke and the man her parents want her to marry.

I thought Tatiana's anger was misplaced, though Peter should have been honest with her the moment he decided to go with her to Monaco. There was no way it wouldn't have gotten out that he's a prince. But Tatiana hates lies. Any kind of lie. I understand why she's distrustful of people who keep the truth from her. She's been screwed over in the past, and it hurt her. And as a princess, she's always having to deal with people who are only there because of her royalty status. But like I said, her anger is misplaced with Peter.

His lie wasn't meant to hurt her. I didn't like Tatiana's icy haughtiness toward Peter numerous times when he kept something from her, which was never anything that was harmful. At first, she was angry because she doesn't like lies, no matter the reason they're told. But as she starts to fall in love with Peter, her anger is because couples are supposed to tell each other everything. But like I said, her anger is misplaced because she doesn't understand that sometimes people just need space and time to open up about things.

Not just her. It was a painful family secret that he kept close to his heart. And I didn't like how it felt like she'd given him an ultimatum when it came to that secret. How, if he didn't tell her right this second , she would walk away from him. It was like he had to bare his soul just to keep her and make her understand his past. She truly is a princess, and it definitely showed in her personality. They make her seem like a down-to-earth woman, but I didn't see it that much.

However, I did love hers and Peter's relationship. It was like their own fairytale, minus the vengeful prince and vicious paparazzi. It was very swoon-worthy, and I loved the development of it. How could both their parents have known that the two would actually fall in love?