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Little did I know at the time that folding tortellini was child's play compared to the rigors of making spaghetti. I never realized how challenging it would be to knead the dough, but the bigoli created from our labor turned out be a scrumptious reward.

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As we surrounded our wooden workbenches, Teresa presented the ingredients: semolina a coarse yellow flour , regular white flour, eggs, olive oil, and salt. With small mountains of the blended flour before us, Teresa formed wells in their centers and dropped in a tablespoon of olive oil, a generous pinch of salt, and one egg. With fork in hand, we mixed our own mounds until the ingredients homogenized. Then the real work began. We started to knead our new balls of dough by folding, pressing, folding, and pressing repeatedly until it became elastic—no small feat!

At first, Teresa made it look so easy, but she had the powerful and dexterous hands, wrists, and forearms—testaments to many years of making pasta. After her demonstration, Teresa monitored our progress and ensured that we were kneading the dough correctly, and if not, a gentle scolding was to be had.

We all took turns until our dough reached the ideal consistency. Time to make the bigoli. While Teresa managed combining the raw ingredients, it was her husband Dario who oversaw operations at the antique bigoli maker, a wedding present to Teresa's grandmother in and later passed down to her and Dario. Carefully, Dario filled the neck of the machine with smaller portions of dough, then sealed it with a lid and giant corkscrew. Slowly, he turned the handles forcing the dough through the bigoli grate at its bottom.

Things got a little tricky here. As the newly-formed bigoli emerged, we had to sift it gently with cornmeal to prevent it from sticking together. As it turned out, this was just as demanding as kneading. Soon we all got the hang of it, and the bigoli continued to flow, filling the basket below. We all took turns turning the corkscrew and sifting the fresh pasta. By the time we finished the pasta making ritual, we had amassed quite the bounty.

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Time to immerse the pasta in huge steaming pots of boiling water. While the pasta cooked, we retreated to the wine museum, where one long table was set up for our lunchtime meal of fresh pasta. We gathered together in a scene straight from an Italian family setting as you might imagine it to be.

The matriarchs, the patriarchs, the family, and friends all coming together at the table—our entire Villa Mirra family—sharing wine, stories, laughter, and good food. Does it get better than this? Through all my years of traveling, it has always been these kinds of experiences I so desperately crave—connections with cultures and traditions foreign to mine, opening my eyes, and expanding my horizons to worlds unknown.

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As the story goes, it all started back in the 13th century when the Viscount Giangaleazzo, also known as the "Count of Virtue," ordered military encampments along the Mincio River in Valeggio. One evening, he regaled the troops with stories of the beautiful water nymphs who lived beneath the waves.

Cursed to the depths of river long ago, the water nymphs were doomed to live out their lives as haggard old witches, but from time to time, they were able to break free of their bonds and dance upon the water's edge by night. The next day, Silvia reappeared as one of the dancers at the Count's party and Malco immediately recognized her.

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Their affections for one another were soon discovered by the Count's green-eyed cousin, Isabella, who happened to be in love with Malco as well. In a fit of jealousy, she convinced her cousin to have Silvia arrested. But Malco intervened, allowing Silvia to escape, and he is imprisoned thereafter.

Journeys Home was an important national survey about the living and housing challenges that people may be facing. Commencing in September , almost Australians who were either homeless or identified by Centrelink as at high risk of becoming homeless were surveyed over a two-and-a-half-year period.

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Detailed respondent information was collected through face-to-face interviews, with some interviews conducted by telephone. Roy Morgan Research conducted the fieldwork on behalf of the Melbourne Institute. The fieldwork survey for Wave 1 was conducted between September and November , with five follow-up surveys conducted at six-monthly intervals. The final survey — for Wave 6 — was completed in May During each survey, respondents were asked detailed questions about where they had been living during the previous year. Just think how far that could take you. Casting his mind to childhood trips to Morecambe, Mark Radcliffe remembers The Railway Children -style experience that signaled the start of his summer holidays.

Playing with her siblings in the back of the family's pale yellow campervan, hell-bent on winding up their parents, is seared among the fondest memories for Arabella Weir.

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