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He sinks to his knees with the squires and joins them in silent morning prayer; as the trombones cease they slowly rise Now up, my children! See to the bath. It is time to await the King there. I see the heralds already approaching in advance of the litter bearing him. Two knights enter Greetings to you!

How fares Amfortas today? Right early does he seek the bath: I assume the healing herb that Gawain won for him by craft and daring has brought him some relief?

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His pain soon returned even more searingly: sleepless from his grievous infirmity, he eagerly bade us prepare the bath. Search and hunt far and wide through the world for every simple, every potion, there is but one thing can help him only one man! Die beiden Knappen haben sich dem Hintergrunde zugewendet und blicken nach rechts. The two squires, who have returned to the background, look off right. Alle blicken lebhaft nach der rechten Seite. They all eagerly look off right. Sie eilt auf Gurnemanz zu und dringt ihm ein kleines Kristallgefass auf. Kundry rushes in, almost staggering.

She is in wild garb, her skirts tucked up by a snakeskin girdle with long hanging cords; her black hair is loose and dishevelled, her complexion deep ruddy-brown, her eyes dark and piercing, sometimes flashing widly, more often lifeless and staring. She hurries to Gurnemanz and presses on him a small crystal phial.

Hilft der Balsam nicht, Arabia birgt dann nichts mehr zu seinem Heil. Fragt nicht weiter! Sie wirft sich an den Boden.

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Gurnemanz hat sich, von Kundry ab, sogleich den Ankommenden zugewendet. Should the balsam not help, then Arabia hides nothing more to heal him. Ask no further. I am weary. She throws herself on the ground A train of squires and knights appears from the left, carrying and escorting the litter on which lies Amfortas. Gurnemanz has at once turned from Kundry to the approaching company.

O weh'! Die Knappen halten an und stellen das Siechbett nieder. How it grieves my heart to see the Liege Lord of a conquering race in the pride and flower of his manhood fall a slave to his sickness! The king groans. The squires halt and set down the litter.

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Habt Dank! Ein wenig Rast. Nach wilder Schmerzensnacht nun Waldes Morgenpracht! Im heil'gen See wohl labt mich auch die Welle: es staunt das Weh', die Schmerzensnacht wird helle.

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I thank you. A brief rest. After a night of wild distress, now the woodland splendour of morning! In the holy lake may the waters refresh me, ease my anguish and brighten my night of pain. Gawan weilte nicht; Da seines Heilkrauts Kraft, wie schwer er's auch errungen, doch deine Hoffnung trog, hat er auf neue Suche sich fortgeschwungen.

So breche keiner mir den Frieden! Ich harre des, der mir beschieden: "Durch Mitleid wissend" war's nicht so? He will have to atone for flaunting the Grail's command! Ah, woe to him, that defiant bold spirit, should he fall into Klingsor's snares! Let none thus disturb my peace! I await the one appointed to me: "enlightened through compassion" was that not it?

Auf, Kundry, komm! Sie weigert sich und bleibt am Boden. Up, Kundry! Kundry refuses and remains on the ground. Muss ich dir nochmals danken, du rastlos scheue Magd? Have I to thank you again, you restless, timorous maid?

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Well then! I will try your balsam now: let this be thanks for your devotion. Ha, ha! Was wird es helfen? Nicht Dank! Fort, fort! Ins Bad! Amfortas gibt das Zeichen zum Aufbruch; der Zug entfernt sich nach dem tieferen Hintergrunde zu. Knappen gehen ab und zu. How will that help?

No thanks! Away to the bath! Amfortas gives the signal to move on. The procession passes into the far background. Gurnemanz, gazing sadly after it, and Kundry, remains still; stretched on the ground.

Squires come and go. Du da! Was liegst du dort wie ein wildes Tier? Why do you lie there like a wild beast?

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  • Schuf sie euch Schaden je? Did she ever harm you? When you all stood perplexed, not knowing how, and scarcely even where, to send tidings to our brothers fighting in far-off lands, who, before you can even ponder, rushes and flies there and back, bearing the message faithfully and successfully? You do not support her, she never approaches you, she has nothing in common with you; yet when help is wanted in danger, her zeal speeds her through the air, and she never looks to you for thanks. I say if this be harm, it works out well for you. She lives here now perhaps reincarnated, to expiate some sin from an earlier life not yet forgiven there.

    Now she makes atonement by such deeds as benefit out knightly order; she has done good, beyond all doubt, serving us and thereby helping herself. Warum halfst du uns damals nicht?


    I have known her a long time, but Titurel has known her longer yet. While he was building the castle there, he found her asleep in the undergrowth in the wood, numb, lifeless as if dead. So I myself again lately found her shortly after we had suffered that misfortune which that evildoer beyond the mountains brought upon us in such shame. Listen and say: Whereabouts were you roaming when our master lost the Spear? Kundry is gloomily silent Why did you not help us then? Ich sah dich schwingen von unheiligster Hand! I saw thee wielded by unhallowed hand!

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    Hard by the keep our hero was drawn away: a woman of fearsome beauty bewitched him; in her arms he lay intoxicated, letting fall the Spear. A deathly cry! I rushed in: Klingsor, laughing, was vanishing from there, having stolen the holy Spear. Fighting, I guarned the king's flight; but a wound burned him in the side; this wound it is which never will heal.

    The 1st and 2nd Squires return from the lake. The 3rd and 4th squires have already sat down at Gurnemanz's feet; the other two join them under the great tree. Dem Heiltum baute er das Heiligtum. For to him, when savage foes' craft and might threatened the realm of the faith, the Saviour's angel messengers once came down in holy solemn night: the sacred vessel, the precious holy Cup from which He drank at the last love-feast, in which too His divine blood flowed from the Cross, and with it that same Spear which shed it the supremely wondrous wealth of these treasured witnesses they gave into our King's charge.

    For these holy relics he built this sanctuary.