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Shooting a Magazine Editorial and Eating Bacon Salsa in Wrightsville Beach, NC

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Stress Less. Zero Drama by Dennis McIntee. Genre: Motivational, Self-Help. Jason and Grant discover something surprising in a haunted Arkansas town. Louisville, Kentucky — Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky is visited for an investigation into claims of ghostly nurse sightings, disembodied voices and shadow people.

Included: testimonials from one of the building's owners and security guards.

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  • The alleged haunting of a mother and child is investigated. Jason Hawes' hometown is visited during a search for a ghost nicknamed George. Elsewhere, a missing mouse creates tension for the team. Also: a trip to Valentown Museum in Victor, N. An investigation of a library purportedly haunted by a lady ghost.

    Murder At Wrightsville Beach

    The team also travels to Massachusetts to answer an emergency call. A New Jersey home is allegedly haunted by sinister figures. Augustine, Florida — St. Augustine Light. A Florida lighthouse is investigated. Augustine, Florida — Old St. Johns County Jail. A 19th-century jail is investigated; a teammate's hometown is visited. A purported haunting by malevolent spirits is investigated.

    Tombstone, Arizona — Bird Cage Theatre. Season 3 premieres. Searching for ghosts at the O. Corral in Tombstone, Ariz.

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    Massachusetts is visited for two paranormal investigations. The team explores a Victorian mansion and an manor that has become a bed and breakfast. County Offaly , Ireland — Leap Castle. Ireland's Lisheen Ruins are visited for look at purported ghostly activity; the team goes to London to probe tales about the Viaduct Tavern. Buckinghamshire , England — Hellfire Caves. The team explores the Hellfire Caves, a labyrinth under rural England that was used by a secret satanic society to protect its members and stage their rituals.

    Two investigations are featured. Included: claims of toys that can purportedly switch on and off on their own are examined; the team probes strange noises and physical attacks in a Rutland, Mass. Antique dolls allegedly move by themselves in a Chesapeake, Va. Corpus Christi, Texas, is visited for an investigation aboard the USS Lexington; the team goes to Rhode Island to probe alleged spectral activity in a jail-turned-historic site. The team goes to California to probe a site close to the infamous Manson Family murders.

    Also: the Charlie Chaplin Studio is visited for an investigation. New investigator Kris Williams joins the team for a trip to Seattle, where they search tunnels for ghosts from the Gold Rush era after probing cold spots at an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Claims of a deceased employee who still shows up to work years after she diedare probed; the Presidio in San Francisco is investigated.

    The team goes to Seattle to help a family sort out some purportedly paranormal activity. Then, the century-old Moore Theater is visited for an investigation. Prosser, Washington — St. Also: Rhode Island's Sprague Mansion is investigated.

    The Salem witch trials are examined during a trip to Massachusetts. Also: the winner of the team's nationwide search for a new ghost hunter is revealed. Philadelphia , Pennsylvania — Fort Mifflin. Season 4 kicks off with a probe of Philadelphia's Fort Mifflin, a garrison used during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, concerning claims made by visitors and facilitators of the historic site. Also: a Connecticut home is investigated regarding claims involving disembodied voices and objects that move of their own accord.

    Ellen Elizabeth Hunter. The Murder in Wilmington Series. | Read North Carolina Novels

    Phenomena attributed to Clapp Memorial Library and claims concerning a family home purportedly haunted over four generations are investigated in Massachusetts. Cashtown, Pennsylvania — Cashtown Inn. The team seeks out disembodied voices and apparitions of soldiers at Cashtown Inn, a bed-and-breakfast in Gettysburg, Pa.

    Prospect Place, a stop along the Underground Railroad in Trinway, Ohio, is probed regarding claims of phantom scents and spectral whispers. Also: the team tries to help a Massachusetts family purportedly plagued by shadowy figures. The team probes three buildings at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, for claims concerning phantom typists, an elevator with a mind of its own and children's laughtersans the children.