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Having completed award-winning films documenting beavers, cougars, and marine ecosystems, Jim Dutcher turned to a more elusive and challenging subject: the wolf.

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After obtaining a permit from the U. Over six years, their unprecedented experiences resulted in three prime-time documentaries for ABC and the Discovery Channel.

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Yet with wolves still being vilified and persecuted, the Dutchers knew that the pack featured in their documentaries could play an even more important educational role. In , they put down their film-making equipment and founded Living with Wolves, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising broad public awareness of the truth about wolves.

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Today, Living with Wolves is a nationally recognized leader in the field of wolf advocacy, with many thousands of followers actively involved in its work. Jim served as a consultant to the gray wolf reintroduction project for the design of the holding enclosures for the wolves brought to Yellowstone National Park. In , Idaho governor Phil Batt appointed Jim an ex officio member of the wolf reintroduction oversight committee, on which he served for five years. Jesus is saying in Matthew that the call to be sheep among wolves is ultimately a call with certainty of vulnerability in the midst of persecution.

Bloodthirsty savages?

Jesus is saying that if you are really with Him, persecution is a guarantee. Our flight from vulnerability has created a lack of real power or presence anywhere outside of our protected Christian environments.

We have tamed the gospel and have reduced Christianity to concerts, conferences, and church services—thus minimizing the way we experience God. But we have no clue what God looks like, feels like, or even how He would have us move among wolves because we are so comfortable.

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In Matthew , Jesus captures the attention of His disciples and asks the disciples to stop and imagine their worst nightmare coming true. He is not trying to hide the cost of following Him. Becoming shepherds would come with significant cost. Researchers vary in conclusion, but the International Society for Human Rights estimates that at least 7,—8, Christians are killed for their faith each year.

Our greatest fear is often embarrassment and rejection.

Jesus is sending us out among wolves, and whether it be losing friends or losing our lives, He is letting us know the cost up front. We must pray that God would put us in a position where we have to share. That we would be deeply uncomfortable with anything less than whole-hearted obedience. But not only that, Jesus sends us for a particular purpose and reason.

And we have to come to the recognition that every Christian has been sent to be both bold and blameless in the midst of persecution.

Living with Wild Wolves

We have been commissioned to go. It is an imperative. It is a commandment. And Jesus is not blind to the realities of what will happen if you do that.

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Even in the midst of all the miracles, healing everyone, and doing nothing but showing compassion, at the end of Matthew 9 there is a group accusing Him of doing work based on the power of Satan. They hate us because they hate Jesus. Yet, Jesus reminds us that He is orchestrating all of this so we may proclaim Him in the midst of it and then He challenges us to persevere to the end of it.