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Or he can write, and publish, illustrated bondage poetry. But not both. Europe is disclosed as a prone and emaciated figure, the Alps shaping like a backbone, and the branching mountain-chains like ribs, the peninsular plateau of Spain forming a head. Poetry at Present He had learned the lesson of MacGregor Mathers and Westcott, founders of the Golden Dawn, that to create a structure and organization was to risk losing control over said organization.

So long as meetings between members were a one-on-one affair arranged entirely by Williams himself, he had absolute power; putting members in touch with one another risked their taking action on their own initiative.

Book Review: Letters to Lalage: The Letters of Charles Williams to Lois Lang-Sims

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John D. Rateliff My website is here. Events Kalamazoo Medieval Congress May The Cat Report W. Kalimac's corner. The Political Desk - Results 6 days ago. Tolkien and Fantasy. Journal of Tolkien Research. Eliot and W. Auden , his greatest admirer was probably C. Lewis , whose novel was at the time regarded as entirely inspired by Williams's novels.

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The letters crossed in the mail and led to an enduring and fruitful friendship. In this setting Williams was able to read and improve his final published novel, , as well as to hear J. Tolkien read some of his early drafts of aloud to the group. During this time Williams also gave lectures at Oxford on John Milton , William Wordsworth , and other authors, and received an honorary M.

Williams is buried in St Cross Churchyard Oxford: his headstone bears the word "poet", followed by the words 'Under the Mercy', a blessing often used by Williams himself. Williams developed the concept of Co-inherence, described as a theology of romantic love. Co-inherence was a term used to describe the relationship between the human and divine natures of Jesus Christ, and the relationship between the persons of the blessed Trinity.

Williams extended the term to include the relationship between God, humanity, and the whole of creation.

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It is our mutual indwelling: Christ in us and we in Christ, interdependent. Co-inherence is a way of talking about the Body of Christ and the Communion of saints. For Williams, salvation was not a solitary affair. Full Text Search Details Charles M.

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