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He had come out strongly against nuclear weapons, weapons which were the opposite of respect for life which was the foundation of his ethical values. Let me give you a definition of ethics. It is good to maintain and further life. It is bad to damage and destroy life. By having reverence for life, we enter into a spiritual relation with the world. Rene Wadlow and Albert Schweitzer.

For Schweitzer, our sense of unity of the human family and our obligation to future generations was threatened as never before in the two World wars that he had seen. I had been active since the mids in efforts to ban testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere - a focus of anti-nuclear efforts at the time. Schweitzer had been awared the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian efforts in Africa. Thus he came into ever-greater contact with people working for peace.

And always I would feel forced to say no. I think maybe the place to take hold is with the matter of nuclear testing Schweitzer's appeal "Peace or Atomic War" was an important contribution to the growing protests against nuclear testing and their fallout of radiation. Today, we still need those other and broader measures related to peace and for a constant affirmation of respect for life.

Notes 1 See Albert Schweitzer. Stalin believed that the depression was a sign of the permanent collapse of the capitalist system, which would be replaced by Communism. Academic debate was not the style of Stalin.

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Kondratiev who was already in prison for eight years was shot by a firing squad. Nevertheless, he was able to enter St. Petersburg University to study economics where he specialized in agricultural production and agricultural export issues. A bright student, he was noticed by the leaders of the first post-Czarist government of and was asked to deal food supplies by the Provisional Government.

Sorokin was also interested in cycles—more cultural than economic—but like Kondratiev believed that cycles were evident by historical analysis. The two men knew each other from St. Petersburg days, Sorokin having been the secretary of Alexander Kerensky. Rene Wadlow is President of the Association of World Ciitizens, an international peace organization with consultative status with ECOSOC, the United Nations organ facilitating international cooperation and problem solving in economic and social issues.

Albert Einstein was often quoted saying that the A-Bomb had changed everything except our way of thinking. Some hoped that the A-Bomb would indicate clearly that the type of international organization which was the League of Nations was inadequate. The United Nations should be stronger — a form of real collective security. In practice, the structure of the U. They never did though there was a short-lived Spirit of Geneva after the summit there. The summits grew smaller. There is probably enough of a common nationalist mindset in both Presidents Trump and Putin for the two men to find some common interests.

Both also have an interest in finding photo opportunities of good fellowship as was the case for the American and French Presidents. The US-Russia summit can have value to prevent things from getting worse. Certain guidelines need to be put into place. The status quo in Europe, especially concerning the Ukraine, is likely to be confirmed without necessarily saying so.

For us, there are two specific but related issues. The first is to help create a vision of a cooperative world society largely built around the United Nations. There are current efforts for a review-reform of the U. The second specific task is to work for the resolution of geographic-specific armed conflicts.

Que Faire si tu Croises un Serpent ?

I see the Middle East as the most unstable area. The Middle East should provide our primary focus.

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  • Thus while we send our best wishes to the US and Russian Presidents, we need to organize among ourselves. Giono, a pantheist philosopher, novelist of rural life, and in his later days, a movie-maker, had a fame in the wider public even among those who opposed his nonviolence. He became a Protestant in an area where there were no Protestants and left an interest in the Bible to his son. Homer was his basic teacher, a writer that he would continue reading often during his life. Influenced by Homer to look for the activity of the gods behind human actions and influenced by the open mountain area where he lived, Giono saw Pan at work, a Pan who followed in the procession of Dionysus but Dionysus was too powerful a god to be dealing directly with the small farmers of the area.

    Pan was more appropriate, and Pan is the chief protagonist of the first three novels of Giono — novels which were designed to be a trilogy before he started to write them. On the outcroppings of these ley lines, the gods and the nature spirits are present and so interact with humans more directly.

    Pan, however, is not a gentle nature fairy, and those who follow him are also in danger. The south of France is not all sun.

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    If the energies of the earth are to be used for life and creativity, war is the opposite — the withdrawal of natural energy from man and so to death. Giono had been a soldier at the endless and military-stalemated battle of Verdun. Giono did not like organizations, even pacifist organizations. All his writings stress the role of the individual in communion with Nature rather than the action of the masses.

    Giono, however, then left the active political ideology scene. He turned to reading Machiavelli who seemed to him to best describe the narrow self-interested domain of politics. Rudolf Steiner 25 Feb 30 Mar :.

    Rene Wadlow: World Citizen's Notes

    The Laws of Nature. The more he enables himself to become, the more he fulfils his true mission. He called his approach Anthroposophy knowledge of man rather than Theosophy knowledge of the Theos which is often called God. In both systems, it is the laws of Nature working themselves out in human life which is what knowledge is about. How is it attained?

    Steiner believed that he saw subtle energies at work — saw and not just sensed. Thus Steiner also turned his attention to agriculture and the ways that subtle energies such as the phases of the Moon could influence the growth of plants. For Steiner, these subtle energies that structured the evolution of humans and nature, he called love. | Jeux Vidéo, Manga, Ciné et Game Music. Un seul crédo: Concession Zéro!

    Within the individual, love creates devotion and selfless veneration. There are two main legacies of Rudolf Steiner:. There are some Steiner schools and their number keeps expanding. It is the largest non-religious private school movement in the world.

    A New Book of Verse

    The Camphill communities for the mentally-retarded were developed by Steiner teachers who left Austria and Germany in the late s for England. Some were Jews, others were under pressure as the Nazi government had closed all the Steiner schools. Biodynamic agriculture is increasingly important as an alternative to chemically-dominated farming in Europe and North America and has spread to Australia and New Zealand.

    There are yearly courses for farm-related persons given at the Goetheanum in Switzerland, the headquarters of the Steiner work. As with other aspects of the Steiner-related work in education or health, there is the problem of the use of such techniques by people who have no special access to the spirit world. Nevertheless, Steiner was well conscious of events of the times — the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in which he was born in what is today Croatia and the changes in Germany where he had spent most of his working life. Thus, he turned his attention to proposals for the reconstruction of society, in particular banking as finance and monetary policy was at the heart of the crisis.

    Today, there is a need felt by many that there is disorder in the banking and finance sectors. There are calls for more government regulation as well as wild conspiracy theories that fly about.

    Fiches modifiées en rapport avec un film

    For a revised PhD thesis written by an outsider to the Steiner work see. From someone writing from within the Steiner movement but published by the same publisher see Bernard Nesfield-Cookson. The Aquarian Press, , pp.