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Each three-legged pair will need to tap into their cooperation and communication skills to work together to make it to the finish line. Variation: Instead of connecting them at the legs, have duos complete the relay with linked arms. Make the race more challenging by giving the pair something to carry to the finish line, like a football or a small bucket of water. Split the group into teams and have them stand in a single-file line. Give the leader of each line a balloon. They must pass it through their legs to the player behind them.

That player passes the balloon overhead to the next player. Repeat this pattern until the balloon gets all the way to the end of the line. The last player runs back to the front of the line and pops the balloon to win the game, though the latter step can be optional. Variations: For outside fun, use water balloons or a beach ball.

First, have them sit on the ground. Then, have them put their hands behind them, palms down, with fingers facing their feet.

20 Exciting Relay Races for Kids

Have them bring their knees about hip-length apart. Their feet should be planted on the ground. Next, have them lift their bottoms from the hips and push up so their body weight is evenly distributed between their hands and feet. It helps if they can tighten their tummies.

From there, they can "scuttle" along, starting by moving one hand and one foot forward, then the other, trying to keep their bottom off the ground as they do. Once the players are divided into teams and have mastered the crab walk, set the start and finish lines and have the kids race. Variations: If the crab position is too difficult, kids can crawl sideways on their hands and knees instead. You can also get creative, especially with younger kids, by having them impersonate their favorite animal think bunny hops or penguin waddles for the race instead.

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Another relay that gets kids moving and bending in new ways is the wheelbarrow race. Mark your start and finish lines, then pair kids off in teams of two or let them choose a partner. In each pair, one player will stand and hold the ankles of the other player, who must walk on their hands.

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Together, they'll head for the finish line as fast as they can. When they reach it, the players switch spots and head back to the starting line.

Relay Races

The first team to make it back wins. Divide the children into teams. Provide two empty shoeboxes, without lids, to each group. When the race starts, the first player on each team steps into the shoeboxes and slides their way to a turn-around point, then turns and makes their way back to their team. Then the next player on the team hops into the shoeboxes for their turn. The first team to have all their players make it back to start wins.

BANANA FOOT RELAY RACE!!! (Funniest Youth Icebreaker Game Ever!!!)

Variations: Add obstacles such as cones to maneuver around to the playing field. The rules for this are pretty simple: Players take turns traveling from point A to point B and back again until the whole team has participated. The catch? Each player on the team has to travel in a different way of their choosing. One runs, one skips , one hops, and so on. Variation: Provide a baton or themed party item that teammates must pass to each other. Increase the challenge of the game by giving them an item that will change or limit the movements they can use. Sign In.

Relay Race

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Water Jug Relay Race

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They are to pour the water from their hands into the next person's hands. The water gets passed all the way down the line until it reaches the last person. The goal is to not lose any water which can be very challenging! This is a wonderful game for people of all ages.

It's most fun to do while in the water but certainly can be played on land as well. Water is a great sensory element to incorporate into kids outdoor relay games. It also gives people the opportunity to experience and interact with water in a way they might not normally on a daily basis. How to Play: Players are to truly balance well enough that they can walk on their knees. The goal is to walk on your knees an established distance until you reach the next person on your team and then touch them which sets them to go forward and walk on their knees until they reach the next person on their team and so on.

The game ends once everyone has walked on their knees a determined distance to the finish line. We have played variations of this relay game many times at Twin Eagles Wilderness School and it gets people laughing hysterically! It can be a very fun challenge to learn how to walk or run on your knees balanced without falling over.

Try playing this game in the snow when snow is a shield to the impact of hard ground. People are bundled up and their knees and elbows are protected with cushiony layers. How to Play: In this relay game each member of the team is given a piece of dry cedar bark and a stone tool. When the game begins the first person begins shaving off inner bark from the cedar with the sharp edge of their stone tool.

When they have a nice fluffy bundle of it they pass it to the next person on their team. It is then the next person's turn to shave off inner bark until they get a bundle of it, passing it to the next person.