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I push myself to get a little farther each time. Tara Zolenski sang through high school and college, performing in musicals, choir and band, but she put music on the back burner to start a family and career. Meanwhile their kids, ages 9 and 12, are active in karate, travel soccer, drums and competitive Scottish Highland dance.

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Nobody does anything — no sports, no events. Meagan, a former swimmer and dancer, came to derby because she missed the thrill of competition. Unstructured play is crucial for kids.

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It builds language, promotes social skills and increases self-confidence, to name just a few of many benefits. Studies show play also helps us grown-ups. For adults, it relieves stress, improves brain function, boosts creativity, improves relationships and keeps us young. MiSci helps adults rediscover the joy of learning with two special programs. After Dark events happen the third Thursday of each month with themes like vintage video games, holiday mixology, Legos and summer solstice.

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Each highlights the science behind the theme and includes a live DJ and a cash bar. The exhibits are turned on. They can enjoy the planetarium with a cocktail. We definitely want to target lifelong learners. Staged first Saturdays, these events showcase trendy topics in a hands-on way.

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Editor's Letter. Growing Up Muslim Families keep faith in a year of political and media tensions. Never Too Late Meet some parents making their dream hobbies come true — at last. Sign in Join. It starts slow, floating with the current when the kids are little. It starts to speed up a bit in late elementary school. Everyone hits the rapids, it just depends on how big the rapids are. If you have to hold them tight, do it. If you have to put your foot on their necks metaphorically do it. Just make sure that you keep them in the boat until the rapids of the teen years are over.

No one ever warned me how hard parenting would be—and I have good kids.

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But, I would not change it for the world. I love to spend time with them, to see them grow, to experience the new person they seem to become every few years, and to just parent them. This post was originally published in Parenting Teens. Subscribe here. Support our work. Subscribe to CT and get one year free. Sign up for our free The Exchange newsletter: The Exchange newsletter is a weekly digest of coverage, research, and perspective from Ed Stetzer. Sections Home. Prayer Abortion Fatherhood. Log In Shop Subscribe. Most Recent November 9 Matthew Soerens.

June 5, Leadership.

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Ed Stetzer Bio. Successfully parenting teenagers is a series of resolved crises. First, expect the best.

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Parent is a verb—and it is never too late to start. Living in the Land of Oz Podcast.

Current Issue November Subscribe. She may also adore this sibling. It just is. This is something to look at.

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I would be letting my shoulders drop, breathing, letting it be, holding space, trusting this is the best thing that could be happening right now. This parent will witness that. Maybe she already has in times when she did allow the feelings. But this has to be every time, or more often than not, at least. Then I would also be aware that everything might feel, for a lack of a better word, worse before it feels better, that there may be more intensity as some of these feelings are coming to the surface and getting to be expressed fully for maybe the first time or one of the few times.

I would have your expectations reasonable so that you can stay in trusting mode. It is not too late. I love that this parent has written to me. I would definitely keep your older children in that loop with you so that they can witness you taking on this learning. How inspiring!

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Also, please check out some of the other podcasts on my website, janetlansbury. You can get them for free from Audible by following the link in the liner notes of this podcast, or you can go to the books section of my website. Enter your first name and email address:. Please share your comments and questions. I read them all and respond to as many as time will allow.

I really identify with this mother. My 16 year old son was running late, he forgot something and slipped and fell on the ice on his way back in. How do I let him express anger? I felt like this response was very inappropriate especially in front of his younger sisters. Am I wrong to feel this way?

I feel so confused about how handle anger like this. Hi Mindy! It can be hard not to take these outbursts personally. How would you have preferred that he handle this anger? Not sure that I would have shouted and slammed, but I can relate to his feeling! I guess I felt like his expression of anger and frustration was too violent. Not sure how to coach in these moments. Thank you for this podcast and for all the work you do. I had similar thoughts that perhaps I had damaged her with my learned and emotionally unhealthy parenting style at the time. Thank you Janet. What a different place the world would be.

Janet hello I just got your info from my grief therapist.. I have a 29 year old daughter and I feel she is always disappointed in my responses.. She is very mature and self sufficient and responsible.. She is the only daughter I have.. We are on different coasts east and west..