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A windproof, waterproof jacket is a must-have, along with walking poles for the hiking. Comfortable walking boots or shoes are necessary, and sunglasses, suncream and lipbalm with sun protection will all come in handy. In the evenings, comfortable, casual clothes with a warm fleece or jumper are perfect for going to the local restaurants. What are the best hikes in Patagonia? This five-day trek is arguably the most mind-blowing and scenic trek in Patagonia - each day is full of glaciers, snow-capped peaks and emerald lagoons, with constant views of the granite spires — or towers - that give Torres its name.

Here, the classic trek to Laguna de los Tres is the most well-known hike, taking hikers to the emerald lagoon of Los Tres at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy. This enormous natural masterpiece calves off at an incredible rate - hiking on the ice itself is a unique way to get up close. Is the water in Patagonia safe to drink? Water is safe to drink in most places in the park.

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Look after your health, and protect beautiful Patagonia from single-use plastics. Is Patagonia a good destination for solo travellers? Patagonia is a great destination to travel solo with a small group. Our trips attract people from all over the world who love to explore, discover and share their passion for travel.

The experiences you share and the friends you make along the way are the reasons why so many solo travellers travel with us again and again. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. To give yourself more flexibility, it may be a better plan for you to stay your first 2 or 3 nights at Hotel Las Torres or the less expensive Refugio Torre Central. You would also have 2 full days to select which day has the best weather for climbing the Towers trail.

After breakfast in El Calafate, you would maybe bring some food with you for the 5-hour trip to the Amarga entrance to TdP see the link below for food that is not allowed to cross the border into Chile. You would need to fill your gas tank in El Calafate and then again when you reach the Esperanza gas station before you cross the border into Chile. Last season, I read that the borders are open during the busy tourist season from about to One man wrote to me personally to say that he had only passed 5 cars in 5 hours. Guest Review Guidelines

I have never done this personally, but I read one post on the Tripadvisor forum that you can exchange money at the Chile border so that you can pay your TdP park entrance fee in cash. To be safe, you may want to get Chilean pesos in El Calafate if you can. You could then walk about 2 hours from the Hotel Las Torres parking lot along the mostly flat trail to Lago Nordernskjold.

You would then just turn back and follow the same path to the hotel parking lot, where you can park your rental car. If you are staying 3 nights at either the hotel or the refugios, you would then be able to see from the weather forecast if the next day is the best day to climb the Towers trail about hours roundtrip from the Hotel Las Torres parking lot, with an elevation gain of about meters. If your first full day in the area looks too rainy or overcast for the Towers trail, you could drive minutes back the Amarga entrance station and then take the turnoff to Laguna Azul.

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You will see the Cascada Paine waterfall. You will see the Towers from another angle along this road. If you stay at Hosteria Las Torres, I have read that they offer a small amount of emergency gas maybe 15 liters? You would not be able to get to the Hotel Lago Grey in time that day to make the check in for the boat trip.

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You would not be able to go on the kayak trip with Bigfoot Patagonia. Is this something that you want to do?

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If you stay at Hosteria Pehoe, you could also drive back to Amarga and get gas at the Esperanza gas station when you cross over the border into Argentina. If you take the catamaran from Pudeto to Paine Grande and hike to Refugio Grey, you will not have a way to get your rental car if you take the boat from Refugio Grey to Hotel Lago Grey. There are no buses that run between Hotel Lago Grey and Pudeto, only the private transfer from Hotel Lago Grey to Pudeto and Puerto Natales that is offered once a day at see the link below. From trek head near Pudeto to Mirador Cuernos sunrise trail?

From trek head to Mirador Lago Toro: we also never hiked this trail, but the TdP map above says this will take 45 minutes. Whatever you do, you will see many beautiful things. It would be great if you write about your trip when you return so that you can help others. So many people on the Tripadvisor Patagonia forums have written very helpful posts about their experiences that have helped others. Hi Elizabeth, I am still reading and trying to get it inside my head but this is just to say a big thanks again! So November I am looking for and as not a single booking start anywhere for that time, You can safely suggest what you would like to do, I have already contacted Fransiscosur and Hosteria Pehoe and Hosteria Lago Grey and got an idea when they would open their booking and I would be one of the first to jump in and book what is required.

What is more important to have a plan and clear idea how many days I need and what are the places I would like to stay on those days. Then I give you full freedom to arrange it best possible way if you can which would help us to use our Car and exploit the area as much as possible. During hike, car should be having a place to park securely. We don't mind spending big on selective days in accommodation if that really help us to make our coverage better.

We want to see sunrise over Tower as we would miss same in El Chalten too during Laguna de los tres trek over Fitzroy. But we understand this is very much a gamble and subject to weather so if its better to spend the night in Torre Central area we are ok with that. I can think of this schedule if really we can leave our car in Pudeto region safely for a night or so and Hosteria Lego Grey would be ready to send us back to Pudeto from Hotel at Night at Hosteria Pehoe. I can check here, hope its latest and I am looking at right place: torresdelpaine. Or better is little tweak so no issue with shuttle and car parking as Option 2 below:.

But question is can I take the Or only Lago Grey Site is in Spanish and though there are 4 trips showing, I am unclear what are the precondition as it seems last trip only for group reservation. If I have to report at for pm trip would it be possible after seeing the morning trails of Mirador Cuernos and Salta Grande? The problem is we are spending 6 days in Park almost which is more than what we planned and still couldn't see the Sun rise on Tower but considering it would certainly be once in a life trip from so far away, we should invest the time it deserves.

Please critique the above plan and let me know if it can be modified and done better without thinking on availability, I am confident if we are ready with plan we could get the place to stay in all required places. Also Do you think we can do this trip considering we will fill up gas in Esperanza gas station both way? Last one important question, we are English Speaking and can't speak Spanish, can we survive this trip all alone?

In many of the busier places in this area big hotels, refugios, etc. English will be spoken. Even though the website for the Lago Grey boat is written in Spanish, I wrote to them for help about 1 year ago and they replied in English.


I would write to them directly at navegacion lagogrey. Of course, the very nice people that you will meet in both Argentina and Chile will appreciate simple phrases like hello, good bye, thank you, and please. Your cell phone will probably not work in Torres del Paine or El Chalten. Internet service is also bad in these places. You should be able to use the internet in El Calafate to get the latest weather information for both El Chalten and TdP.

One book that we used for research before our trip to Torres del Paine was the Cicerone guide by Rudolph Abraham. I see that it has now has a recently-released version ours was a version. Since it takes time to publish books, and since bus and boat schedules and park fees change pretty regularly in this part of Patagonia, I would use this book for the photos of the mountains and plants and for the general descriptions of the trails. It also has an English to Spanish translation section.

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  6. For current bus and catamaran schedules, and for any new information about the refugios and campgrounds in TdP, I would write to the Tripadvisor forum for information in If this book interests you, here is the link:. The only good chance for seeing the sunrise over the Towers in TdP would be to bring your own camping gear to stay at Campamento Torres. Since this will not be good for you, you will still see wonderful sunrises and sunsets at Hosteria Pehoe, where you have gorgeous views of the Cuernos peaks.

    This is just my opinion, but I thought the Cuernos peaks were just as spectacular as the Towers. If you follow the 2 plans that you listed above, you should have enough gas in TdP if you get gas at Esperanza before you enter TdP and after you leave TdP. This past season, I read only once about the Esperanza gas station being temporarily out of gas due to a strike in Argentina.

    It will take time for people to get off the boat and about 30 minutes to walk to the parking lot, passing through the forest and over the swinging bridge.

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    It would then take about 30 minutes?? If the private transfer to Pudeto leaves at , it will be a fairly tight schedule. Since we never took this private transfer, you can contact Hotel Lago Grey directly to see if this transfer leaves right from the hotel or if it also goes to the Lago Grey boat dock parking lot. According to one post this past year, breakfast was served at Hosteria Pehoe starting at I have no idea how long they serve breakfast, so I would contact them directly for this information at reception hosteriapehoe.

    Good luck. Thanks Elizabeth for yet another comprehensive reply. What we can see is boat schedules are pretty much fixed for years long. I will certainly come back with forum for latest update on new rules, border crossing, latest road condition, gas station info etc. So what it means like if we can keep our car left at Hosteria Lago Grey car park and go and return crossing same boat on 2 consecutive days, we are most safe.

    If I can catch 3. Or worst case we would just take a day trip to Glacier Grey as planned and close it.