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Please, please remain quiet. Be quiet so you can hear. This is a very dangerous… I have not even started to give orders to use bullets. Any use of force against the authority of the state, anyone causing murder shall be handed the death sentence. All these punishable by death, all these I mentioned. Civil war, anyone cause or act leads to civil war, and these acts, lead to civil war.

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Nobody can wear out. You want it to be like Somalia? This will lead to civil war, if you do not apprehend them. Civil war, anybody who is caught and condemned to cause, to undermine the unity of the country. Guilty in the Duma. I ask him to leave, he refused.

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We are not leaving the building. They brought tanks, and on live TV, Yeltsin, they hit the Duma building and they left like rats. And the west did not raise a voice. These members of parliament, of the Duma, did not have any arms. Children in Peking, in the square, were. Peking brought the tanks, and those who were in front were crushed to death. And whoever died, the unity of China is more important than those people in the square. Tianamen Square. The unity of the Russian Federation was more important than those in the building.

The Davidian cult, they were also, they send them the tear gas, and also the armored vehicles, and those who also took over the, al-Zawahiri, who is a follower of Bin Ladin, when they took over Fallujah. America flattened Fallujah from the air, fighting terrorism. We are looking for al-Zawahiri in Fallujah. We must destroy, bombard it from the air. Nobody can be critical of what they did.

Baghdad was destroyed, so many civilians died. When wedding ceremonies were shot at, thinking illegal gatherings, two, three million died in Baghdad so we can get rid of terrorism, eliminate Baath party, get rid of Al-Qaeda. Nobody condemned the Israelis. They said we have the right to self-defense. From air, from sea, from sea and from land. Tanks entered the city, killing as they wanted. Do you know what is happening in Somalia? Do you want your country to be like Somalia and like Iraq as well? Same groups who caused the destruction of this country, is doing what they did, they want to be like Fallujah.

Same gangs. Same group. So tonight, the youth, all the youths, not those rats who have taken the tablets, all the youths tomorrow form security committees from tonight, they put green with red writing secure the cities, to bring back security to the cities. They are attacking us. Until the security personnel come back and establish security once again, they will go back to their tribes.

Your children from tomorrow, the youth, not those youths… if they were handed to the authorities so we can rehabilitate them and make them more effective, as a community. People, men and women should take over the streets, lead the revolution from one end to another. Get out of your houses as of now, and the youth should be organized to join the committees. And those Imams who know about the Koran, the youth, the real Caliphate Islamic Government , tomorrow should form to defend the community values, and everyone should feel free walking the streets in safety, heads held high, without being teased.

People are living in hell. Start from tonight, apprehend them from now. And the issues were raised by Saif-al-Islam Sucessor that will be delivered to him, and the judges and lawyers and the relation to constitutional forms, I have no, I want to use any situation, legal authority.

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  5. We want the law to prevail, the authority of the people. I do not have money, I do not have a palace.

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    I want everything I have for the Libyan people, and preserve its oil reserves, and live with dignity. Be brave. You outnumber them millions. You are millions and they are tens. Open the airports and deport. Bring back security. Now you have the free officers who can help you.

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    And you can decide as well, decide the distribution of wealth. The Libyan oil should be distributed to all people. You can take it and do whatever you want with it. I shall not take it. His share. Take your share, and you can do whatever you like with it. I think also Saif-al-Islam will meet in the embassy buildings, and the media, and every company.

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    Our brothers who betrayed us, instead of relaying the truth, they giving pictures that are so many years old. The Libyan radio media will be saying through these dirty stations, and see what the response will be from the Libyan media. Airports are closed, seaports, are not working, radios are not working. One terrorist who is dangerous, they could not apprehend him after a while. This is only very few who terrorize Benghazi. Peaceful demonstrations that talked by the Dewal, about Gaza, peaceful demonstrations about Iraq.

    I myself led peaceful demonstrations lately. The old regime, but I did not seek destruction. I am against the bombing, causing explosions in Algeria. Peaceful demonstrations is different. And the undermining of the social structure is a different matter.

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    6. The world must understand peaceful demonstration is different. But armed rebellion are to disconnect the airports or Benghazi are a different matter, we will not allow it. Rebellion in the Russian parliament was dealt with by tanks, and the Davidian cults a Protestant offshoot in Waco a town in America were dealt with by armored vehicles. The uprising in Fallujah town in Iraq was dealt with by air bombardment. Because there was an armed uprising.

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      Even those unarmed incidents in Waco and parliament were dealt with by force. When the students in Tianamen Square, again the tanks were sent to deal with them. Peaceful demonstration is different. Peaceful demonstration is something, and talking to foreign country, to conspire against the country is a different matter. But conspiring with foreign government is a totally different issue. We brothers know each other. We could have traitors in… Those who stepped on the Union Jack flag, calling them traitors… We will rehabilitate them, teach them, become technicians, teachers….