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Divinations , the ebook, is now available in both Kindle and ePub formats the latter for Nook, Kobo, and other ereaders. You can purchase it from either Amazon or the publisher, Ash-Tree Press.

For this new version, I gave each story a light stylistic revision. Divinations of the Deep contains five stories that share the same Judeo-Christian religious theme.

Philip Sloan - Karma (A Study Of Divinations)

This collection goes far beyond Judeo-Christian tradition, far beyond God, into the dark possibilities of what existed before God…Like Lovecraft and Ligotti, Cardin excels in creating a truly terrifying atmosphere of dread and decay by revealing what may lurk just beyond our view of reality. Few people succeed in this, but Matt does it with aplomb. His prose is intelligent and poetic, his execution, effortless. I believe this collection will become a classic of weird fiction.

It is truer than truth. Like most heretics, he may be wrong in the eyes of the Church, but he can cite texts: lots of scary Old Testament passages that suggest a gnostic mystery underlying perceived reality. Cardin manages to turn this into a vision of terrifying, Lovecraftian nihilism.

To Rouse Leviathan : Hippocampus Press, specializes in classic horror and science fiction

No mean feat, that. Each piece has its own depth and unwavering regard to the theme. The settings are universally dark, murky, and decadent, putting you in mind of Poe especially, but also some of the more depressed turn-of-the- 20th Century writers. In each of these stories, the author personalizes the apocalyptic question of ultimate power and order. It is a fascinating approach. You might even say that he saw where Lovecraft went off the tracks by dismissing the power of the pre-existing symbols. In Divinations of the Deep , he has steered the train back onto the mainline of Western religion.

Far from it. He comes by his credentials as a horror writer honestly: not by reading Stephen King with a felt marker in hand and one eye on the cash-register, but by suffering through a dark night of the soul that very nearly undid him. He merely writes what he knows. Tags: Books , Divinations of the Deep , e-books , matt cardin , religion and horror. Jan Last month Des Lewis , better known to the world at large as extremely prolific and much-respected weird horror author and editor D. This led to a brief online conversation in which various friends and fellow authors chimed in with their own enthusiastic thoughts and feelings about the book.

Now Des has extracted his commentary from that message board and presented it in a bit more permanent form at one of his Websites. This whole book is Fiction-as-Religion in action. No charges of any authorial impropriety here, by the way. That gets further delineated into Kontomble—elemental beings of the water; and Wedeme—elemental beings of the wild. One of their main roles is in facilitating a relationship between Earth and humans. In the past, the elemental beings had a strong kinship with the humans.

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This kinship kept the Earth healthy and balanced. In our experience, the elemental beings are the most loving beings in the cosmos. They have an unsurpassable commitment and dedication to the humans and the Earth. They have enormous compassion for human suffering in spite of our neglect of them and the Earth. If we truly want to get out of our heads and back into our hearts, as many of us say we do, the elemental beings can teach us how. Ancestors can be actual people in your family line or ancestors of the place you live.

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Many of us also have our own chosen ancestors or ancestresses. The importance of ancestral work stems from the belief that, in general, it is good and wise to remember and honor those who came before us. Given their perspective, the ancestors know things we do not. They can help us if we are willing to listen. In fact, they want to help us. There may be events in your ancestral line that need remediation. You may be called on to lend a hand with this.

Facilitating this will help you and your descendents. You may feel that your ancestors are lost to you.

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This can be very unsettling. But they have never lost you. Getting back in touch with them can help you live a more fulfilling life. Fire was first. Fire is the realm of the ancestors. Fire is the origin of the universe. Fire is creation itself. Fire burns and purifies. Fire is transformation and transmutation.

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  • Fire produces ash. Ash is representative of fire, therefore, ash is considered very protective. Often, you will want to make a ring of ash within which to make offerings so that the offering is sure to go to the intended recipient. You will know when to do this. Ash is used in doorways for protection.


    During ritual, create a ring of ash or place ash in the four directions for protection. Ash itself is also a requested offering. In time you will begin to know instinctively when ash is called for. Hydrogen was the first element created after the big bang. Water was created after fire. Together fire and water created the rest. Water is in everything — hydrogen particles are found in all areas of the cosmos.

    Water is that which heals and changes all. Water flows. When water cannot flow it becomes sick. Water is used and offered for cleansing and clearing. It is an opener. It is widely accepted that there must be the presence of water for higher forms of life to evolve. Offer water for clearing, healing, opening. Earth is the actively alive being we live on and within whose intelligence we are embedded. Earth is the mother of all biological life. She holds life, nurtures it, and takes it back after death.