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He characterizes him as someone who repeatedly took initiatives in a series of articles relating art and artistic crafts, architecture and urban development which went beyond the Arts and Crafts movement extending to Jugenstil, the Deutsche Werkbund in Germany and to the Bauhaus and its leader Walter Gropius. All these artists were not primarily interested in material culture, in the objects themselves and their form, but in changing their living environment.

Standing on the threshold of industrial culture and of what Habermas once called the "Kolonisierung der Lebenswelten" the colonisation of living environments by economic and industrial rationalism, they created alternatives in order to save the way of life which they themselves had decided upon and created. Morris set the example for many revolutionary artists. The Belgian artist Henry van de Velde paid homage to him in the following words: "I wish to speak of a man who is the first ever of his kind.

He has played a role in the history of mankind no one has played before. It was so important, so complex and revolutionary that one feels dizzy when thinking about all the work he had to do. One single man who was a perfect poet, an unequalled decorative artist, who exercised all branches of art and who, on top of that, was a fiery, sincere active socialist Hermann Muthesius, an important representative of the English reform movement in Germany around the turn of the century, sketched the events there in a more simple but no less emphatic manner: "The notion of 'English taste' is already a commonplace Today, 'English' stands for 'the newest'".

At that time, Morris's thoughts and ideas were already well known and under his influence a whole range of craft corporations had been founded which together were called the Arts and Crafts movement.

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Their example had such far-reaching consequences that they created an international reform movement within artistic craft. William Morris was born near London in He was the son of a rich trader in Cognac who also was a successful shareholder. At the beginning of his studies - he wanted to become a theologian - Morris joined a number of friends who had close contacts with the artistic movement known as the Pre-Raphaelites. The artists who belonged to this group and signed their works with the mysterious abbreviation PRB - "Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood" - wanted to reinvoke the medieval period of Italian trecento in their artistic themes and their style of painting.

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According to them, one could still find a religious purity and a monastic piety and simplicity in the period that preceded Renaissance. These features corresponded with their own desire to renew religious feeling in their own time. Their gipsy-like liberalism and their social and moral salvoes against Victorian society fitted perfectly into the frame of mind of these 'angry young men' to which Morris belonged.

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In this work, the style of the craftsman and the medieval stone masons were idealised and described as being symbolic of 'societas' which had not yet become alienated - a utopia projected into the past. According to Ruskin, one could still feel man in the irregularity of products made according to traditional methods. Contrary this, the soul of man could no longer be felt in the perfectionism and smoothness of machine-made products. Moreover, man no longer enjoyed his work which by then had become fragmented by the division of labour. Some of the trips which Morris took with his friends to the North of France, increased his love for Gothic art and he praised it in numerous poems.

Table of Content: Abstract Introduction 1. The concept of Peacekeeping 2a. Assisting the government of Lebanon in ensuring the return of its effective authority in the area 3. Specific problems to UNIFIL a The political environment before the invasion in b Lack of local consent c Peacekeeping in occupied territory d Shifting focus away from original goals 4. Introduction Since its formation in , the United Nations Organization has engaged in numerous peacekeeping missions around the world, the first of which was installed in to resolve the Suez-crisis.

The concept of Peacekeeping The concept of peacekeeping is an especially interesting concept within the body of the United Nations since and has drastically grown in importance during the past two decades, although it has never been explicitly specified in the Charter; one might be inclined to consider international peacekeeping as sort of a derivative of the traditional collective peace enforcement measures specified in the Charter. It furthermore created the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon which was given the following three tasks: a Confirming the withdrawal of Israeli Forces b Restoring international peace and security c Assisting the government of Lebanon in ensuring the return of its effective authority in the area.

Confirming the withdrawal of Israeli forces Obviously, the goal of confirming the withdrawal of Israeli forces has not been accomplished since Israeli troops invaded Lebanon again in and stayed in at least a part of Lebanon throughout the period considered in this paper. Restoring international peace and security The answer to the question of international peace and security is two-fold. Is the UN solving or creating problems?

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