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by Eva Fründt

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Die Frau im Nationalsozialismus

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Women of the Third Reich by Anna Maria Sigmund

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Geschlechterordnung und 'Volksgemeinschaft' im Nationalsozialismus. Housework, domestic privacy and the 'German home': Paradoxes of private life during the Second World War. Homelands on the move: gender, space and dislocation in the Nazi resettlement of German minorities from Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Seeing the world: photography, photojournalism, and visual pleasure in the Third Reich. Mobilisierung oder Erfassung?

Verbotene Liebe - Homosexualität im NS-Regime

Jahrhundert Oldenbourg. The cult of youth. Management and manipulation: Nazi settlement planners and ethnic German settlers in occupied Poland.

Contemporary history, gender history and being a historian of one's own times: some perspectives from the UK Zeitgeschichte. National icons and visions of modernity: asserting and debating gender identities in new national contexts. Remembering and repressing: German women's recollections of the 'ethnic struggle' in occupied Poland during the Second World War.

Pilgrimages to the 'bleeding border': gender and rituals of nationalist protest in Germany Women's History Review. Youth welfare, social crisis and political reaction: correctional education in the final phase of the Weimar Republic.

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Culture and society in Weimar Germany: the impact of modernism and mass culture. Gender relations in German history: power, agency and experience from the sixteenth to the twentieth century London: UCL Press. The failure of feminism? Young women and the bourgeois feminist movement in Weimar Germany Central European History. La Polonia sotto la Germania nazista: il ruole delle donne nella colonizzazione delle provincie annesse Italia Contemporanea. Gender, generation and politics: young Protestant women in the final years of the Weimar Republic.

Serving the Volk, saving the nation: 'women in the German youth movement and the public sphere in the Weimar Republic'.