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Unfortunately, it is rarely applied in Africa where the prevalence of these Abid, S. Tissue Antigens, 58, 90— Nigerian Journal of Medicine, 14, 45— African Journal of Medicine is essential. An evaluation of the real cost-effectiveness and Medical Sciences, 30, 71— Vox Sanguinis, 67, — Agbovi, K.

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Transfusion Clinique Et tious characteristics of the blood donor is crucial to Biologique, 13, — Blood Allain, J. More effort is required in Allain, J.

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Blood Transfusion Services in Sub Saharan Africa: Challenges and Constraints

East African Medical Journal, 71, — Journal of Medical Virology, 78, — Health Policy Plan. Journal of Medical Virology, 79, alities in Calabar, Nigeria.

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Blood Transfusion Services in Sub Saharan Africa: Challenges and Constraints

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Vox Sang, 80, — Mvere, D. Transfusion Clinique Et population of patient targeted blood donors. East Afr Med Biologique, 13, — Tayou Tagny, C. Nabavizadeh, S. Hema- saharan Africa. Transfusion Clinique Et Biologique, 14, tology, 12, 85— Transfusion Clin- problem. Transfusion, 48, — Transfusion, doi: Infection, Genet- Umolu, P. African Health Sciences, 1, 55— Inter- Vallet, S. Immunology and Medical Microbiology, 34, 65— Human Immunology, 62, — Transfusion, 46, — Wagner, F. Regional Office for Africa: Brazzaville. Zachariah, R. East African Medical Journal, 79, 88— Related Papers. Characteristics of blood donors and donated blood in sub-Saharan Francophone Africa.

By Basile Keugoung. Prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and syphilis in blood donors in a tertiary health facility in south eastern Nigeria. By Herbert Publications. By Tadesse B Tafesse. Download pdf. Second, variation in assays used for HIV screening, laboratory capacity, and testing proficiency among the countries might result in an over- or under- estimation of the HIV prevalence in collected units, which cannot be quantified. Stronger donor selection criteria and improved screening technologies have reduced the number of HIV-positive donors being screened for donation and improved detection of HIV infections among donors, respectively However, in countries with high HIV prevalence, blood donor recruitment and mobilization of uninfected persons is an ongoing challenge.

Since the initiation of PEPFAR support in , national blood transfusion services in 14 countries have made substantial progress in increasing blood collections and decreasing HIV prevalence among donated units, gains that stabilized during — In addition, as countries make progress in controlling other factors of national HIV epidemics, expanded national HIV surveillance systems might aid in better understanding and tracking the contribution of blood transfusion to annual national HIV incidence. Corresponding author: Michelle Chevalier, MChevalier cdc. Nigeria and Tanzania established a national blood transfusion service in ; the first year for which 12 complete months of data were available was Department of Health and Human Services.

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    Progress Toward Strengthening National Blood Transfusion Services — 14 Countries, – | MMWR

    Metric Details. Table 1 Table 2 Table 3. Related Materials. Discussion Although increases in the percentage of voluntary, nonremunerated blood donors and in the number of blood units collected per 1, population since have been reported, whole blood collections largely remain insufficient to meet demand.

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    References World Health Organization. Blood safety and availability. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization; Progress toward strengthening blood transfusion services—14 countries, — PubMed external icon CDC. Progress toward strengthening national blood transfusion services—14 countries, — PubMed external icon World Health Organization. Voluntary non-remunerated blood donation. Maternal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: the contribution of ineffective blood transfusion services.

    BJOG ;—9. Blood transfusion safety in Africa: a literature review of infectious disease and organizational challenges. Transfus Med Rev ;— Vox Sang ;— A comparison of the original and revised model projections using data from a setting in west Africa. AIDS ;— Reduced risk of transfusion-transmitted HIV in Kenya through centrally co-ordinated blood centres, stringent donor selection and effective p24 antigen-HIV antibody screening. Vox Sang ;—9. CrossRef external icon PubMed external icon.

    TABLE 1. TABLE 2.