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I'm constantly bumping the back of my head against the passenger seat headrest when my husband steps on the accelerator. Conversely, you can use your brakes a lot less while driving an electric car.

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The Leaf has a "B" setting which creates a small amount of drag on the engine and recaptures power to feed back to the battery. Not only does this let you go farther without recharging but it's very handy because all you have to do is lift your foot of the "gas" pedal and the car will start slowing down by itself. Electric cars are eerily, uncannily quiet, or "silent as death," as my husband puts it. That can make them dangerous around pedestrians who will tend to assume your car is off and may step in front of it while it's moving.

Discover Exactly What ADHD Feels Like On A Daily Basis

To combat this, Nissan actually built in not only the usual backup beeping, but also light whining sound at speeds below 20 mph. Even so, it's infinitely quieter than a gas car would be and so I was surprised to find that listening to music inside the Leaf is a lot more like listening to music in your living room than it is in a gas car. Without engine noise competing with my tunes, even the base model sound system gives me clearer sounding music than I've ever heard in a car before now.

I can just imagine how great a high-end sound system would be. There are two different ways to charge a vehicle at home, either through the standard in the US volt outlet or through a special volt outlet, such as a clothes dryer uses. To use the higher voltage you not only need to have someone install the special outlet, you also need an adaptor called an EVSE for electric vehicle supply equipment which costs several hundred dollars.

The special outlet and EVSE would cut that 20 hours to less than six hours.

Discover Exactly What ADHD Feels Like On A Daily Basis

So I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the car charges at volts a bit faster than 20 hours possibly because we have nothing else using that circuit. More importantly, I never really do charge from zero to full, I usually have between 30 and 50 percent battery charge when I plug the car in which means that charging it overnight has always been plenty long enough to get more than enough charge. Charging the battery all the way isn't the best thing for it, so I usually only want an 80 percent charge unless I have a long way to drive.

There's one other way to charge an electric vehicle, and that's with a "quick charge" provided by public charging stations and most car dealers that sell electric vehicles.

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On the Leaf, that quick charge port is an option but I made sure to get it and I'm glad I did. Before I bought the car, I figured I would find charging stations with the volt plugs, leave my car parked there for a few hours and come back to a full charge. So far, that turns out to be impractical if only because those plugs often come with a two-hour time limit. On the other hand, a stop at a quick charge charging station can add 50 percent of charge to the battery in half an hour or less, so I've discovered that if I need a little extra power it's usually quicker and simpler to stop at a quick charge station.

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Today Friday, has wrapped up my second week here with Coffee Gate. I then had a scheduled meeting and photograph with the Comptroller himself! I had worn my best shirt and had the WIP pin shining front and center. Me being me, left it on top of the fridge as I went to get milk and low and behold the whole thing toppled over my head and freshly ironed pearly white shirt. I used the Irish gift of the gab to skip the queue and got a lovely Tommy Hilfiger shirt on sale. It was fairly creased but it did the job and only for I told the Comptroller he would never have guessed.

28 Lessons I Learned When My Head Was Stuck In the Fridge

The whole scenario and the laugh it created made conversation so much easier and I spent a half hour with one of the most influential politicians in New York discussing my learning, my career and all things New York and Ireland high in the sky on the top floor of our Wall Street skyscraper! Your email address will not be published.

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